Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Georges Seurat Pointilism with Upcycled Lids

What do you do with your plastic bottle caps and lids? Throwing them out? Well you're not alone, most Americans do. The plastic caps and lids are made from different type of plastic and are not all recyclable. A great way to keep them out of landfills is to incorporate them into art and craft projects. Not only is recycling plastic caps and lids good for the environment, they are free and provide endless possibilities. 

I love using recyclable lids in art projects, students have fun collaborating together and learn how these round caps and lids can integrate sustainability and science with and art. They also make a great visual when students are learning about pointillism. 

Under the Sea Pointillism
Georges Seurat developed the technique of painting in which small, distinct dots or paint strokes of pure color are applied in patterns to form an image, critics later called it called Pointillism.

After a discussion on Georges Seurat and his works, students sorted and glued on plastic caps and lids to create an under the sea pointillism wall art.

Here is another creative use for these lids I found from a fellow blogger +Heather OCain

There are many places you can find free recycled materials for your projects, including asking neighbors or school community. I am fortunate to live by the Art Resource Center (THE ARC), it is a treasure trove for schools and other nonprofits. Their objective is to collect reusable discards from individuals and industries and offer them free of charge to teachers, parent volunteers to use in their projects. They are open by appointment, please let me know if you need information on how to contact them.

I would love to to learn how you incorporate recyclables in your projects.

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